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Welcome from the Board President:

      The Colorado Chapter of Compassion and Choices and our larger community welcome you.  Your interest in the strongest advocacy group for choice at the end of life  demonstrates a commitment to basic freedoms in our society harkening back to the origin of the Republic.  Our position can be succinctly stated: “It is the right of an adult of sound mind who is at the end of life, who is dying, to orchestrate and achieve a peaceful death.”    We are disparate in our ethnicities, our religious and spiritual beliefs and our political affiliations, yet desperate for values that unite us.  This principle, self-determination, is indeed one we value.
     Our Chapter holds regular meetings to support, educate and advocate for our goals.  Compassion and Choices offers end of life counseling and access to understanding and creating thorough advance directives.  We encourage and facilitate the difficult conversations among family members and caregivers essential to creating mutual understanding, realistic objectives and trust.  Recognizing that these decisions should be personal, private and respected, we also accept that ours is a country of laws, and we are working hard to ensure that Colorado has such legal protections.
     Please join us with your energy and skills, and feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.

Charles Hamlin MD, President    drchamlin@gmail.com
Nancy Bale, Secretary/Treasurer   nhbale@q.com

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A Living Will is your chance to take control of your final wishes.  Additional documents are also available.

Listen to our stories and watch videos of how Compassion & Choices is helping all people have Death with Dignity.

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